Postdoc: Lucie Kuczynski, Phd

Lucie joined the lab in April 2018 as a postdoctoral researcher after completing her PhD at the University of Toulouse. Lucie is interested in the processes that structure patterns of biological diversity, as well as the impact of global change on those processes and patterns. The main goals of her PhD research were to describe temporal and spatial diversity patterns in French stream fish and to determine the links between the processes that structure communities and global changes, from continental to local scales. In particular, she studied the temporal dynamics of assembly rules in fish communities since the 1980s and how it was related to climate change, biological invasions and habitat fragmentation. At OU, she is working to integrate phylogeography and macroecology  to better understand diversity patterns, especially of North American and European amphibians. (ResearchGate)


Lab assistant: Jenna McGrath

Jenna is a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a B.S. in biology. Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, her interest in natural history started from a young age. Jenna has been a volunteer for Sam Noble Museum of Oklahoma Natural History since December of 2017 as a collections assistant in Herpetology. In her free time she enjoys traveling, giving back to her community, as well as working on her entomology collection. Jenna hopes to pursue a degree in Dentistry while continuing to combine her passion for science and art.

Roshin Bird.jpg


Roshin is a senior biology major with a double minor in chemistry and classical cultures. After graduation, he wants to pursue a career in medicine. He joined the lab in the Fall of 2018 to begin work on his Honor’s Research Project. Roshin’s current project involves sequencing and analyzing the DNA of several different populations of Scaphisoma carolinae, a species of beetle found around the Ouachita Mountains. Roshin has always had a fascination for evolutionary ecology. Outside of his passion for academics, Roshin enjoys traveling and reading. He enjoys learning about different cultures and immersing himself in their different practices and traditions.  


Lab Alumni

PhD:   Alexander Flórez-Rodríguez, 2013-2016 (as co-supervisor, Copenhagen).

MS:     Julie Koch Sheard, 2014-2015 (as co-supervisor, Copenhagen). (website)

          Mirnesa Rizvanovic, 2013-2015 (Copenhagen).

          Konstantinos Giampoudakis, 2012-2013 (as co-supervisor, Copenhagen).

BS:     Hannah Tully (OU Honors), 2018-2019.

Austin Gronewold (OU FYRE), 2018. 

          Ryan Zhuang (OU FYRE), 2018.

          Alba Rey de la Iglesia 2012-2013(Copenhagen).

Research Associates:

          Rasmus Stenbak Larsen (Database management, Copenhagen).

          Sen Li (Bioinformatics, Copenhagen).